Frequently Asked Furniture Removals Questions



General – Frequently Asked Furniture Removals Questions


1. How long before my move should I start preparing?

You should have a mover booked and ready approximately one month before your move. We understand that this cannot always happen, however the more in advance you have a truck booked, the less stress you will have in finding a truck that will suit your date requirements.

2. Do the dresser drawers need to be empty?

We advise that if items are left in the dressers, they are light items and not fragile. Keep in mind that the dresser may have to be put on end and shifted when it is moved. Also some dresser drawers will not hold the weight of clothing when traveling long distances. We advise that you decide whether the quality of the dresser will handle full drawers.

3. How will you protect my carpet and hardwood floors?

The moving crew will place floor runners on all floors to protect against dirt and damage.

4. How does the driver keep track of my shipment?

All items in your home will be inventoried on loading day. Items are numbered by special stickers and brief descriptions and their condition are listed on the inventory sheet.  On delivery, you will check off each number as the corresponding item enters your home.

5. How is my furniture separated in the truck from others’ people’s furniture?

Each driver will have his own method of division. Some methods of separation include using plywood walls, different coloured blankets, and, most commonly, different coloured and numbered inventory stickers.

6. Can I travel with the driver in the cab of the truck?

No. Our drivers, although professional drivers, do not have the proper licensing to take passengers. Additionally, the truck will be making frequent stops along their route to pick up and deliver shipments.



Specialty Items – Frequently Asked Furniture Removals Questions


1. Are there items I can’t have moved in the van?

Yes. Propane tanks, gas cans, aerosol products, paints, and liquids cannot be moved if they are not packed properly due to safety concerns. Hazardous materials are also not permitted in the van.

2. Will you take my plants?

Plants do not travel well. We will take them at your request; however, we are not liable if they perish. Different climates will change the temperature in the back of the truck, which many adversely affect the plant. Plants cannot be watered before the move, as leakage is likely to occur. It is best to find other arrangements to make sure your plants arrive alive.

3. Will you take my propane/gas tank?


4. Will you move liquor?

We will be able to transport liquor, if it is packed properly and above freezing temperatures.

5. Can you take household cleaners?

Cleaners must be packed and labelled properly for transport. If a cleaner spills and ruins another item on the truck in your shipment, we will not be liable.

6. Do you move pianos?

Yes, our moving crews are trained piano movers.

7. Do you move automobiles?

Yes, we do.  Please check out our section under “Our Services” dealing with vehicle transportation.

8. Do you move pets?

Yes, we do.  Please check out our section under “Our Services” dealing with pet transportation.



Delivery of your shipment – Frequently Asked Furniture Removals Questions


1. How long will it take to move my goods?

Depending on how far you are travelling, it is best to ask your sales representative for average transit times.

2. What if for some reason I can’t receive delivery of my goods as scheduled?

We do have warehouse locations where you may store your goods until you are ready to receive it. We can then arrange for storage and redelivery for you. Storage and redelivery will be an additional cost.

3. Do you put things back together at destination?

Anything the moving crew takes apart at origin will be reassembled at destination. Basic furnishings are included in the cost of the estimate, however there are some items that may incur a small fee to disassemble and reassemble.



Understanding the Charges – Frequently Asked Furniture Removals Questions.


1. How much will the move cost?

Our pricing is based on the items that are moved. Every load will depend on the locations of pick up and destination. Please consult a sales representative for a more accurate estimate.

2. Will the estimated cost be guaranteed?

Consultants guarantee their estimates when they have all the necessary information to do so. For this reason, and to avoid complications at a later date, please be sure to include everything that is to be moved.  Also check the cost of a shuttle service if you location is difficult to reach.

3. What method of payment is required?

We accept cash, bank guaranteed cheques, bank transfers and also credit card payments. If your employer is to be billed for the move, make arrangements well in advance for fewer complications upon delivery.



Additional Services – Frequently Asked Furniture Removals Questions


1. What additional services do you offer?

Services such as a shuttle, packing, appliance servicing, unpacking, or stair carries (required due to your request or building regulations) may result in additional charges.

2. What is shuttle service?

Shuttle service occurs when a smaller vehicle is used to haul goods to a location that is not accessible to large moving trailers.

3. What is a stair-carry charge?

This is an extra charge for carrying items up or down flights of stairs, depending on the circumstances.



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