The best neighborhoods in Cape Town to raise a family

If you are lucky enough to be moving to Cape Town, know that you will be presented with a plethora of choices. They will perhaps be best seen through your options when it comes to family-friendly neighborhoods. The best neighborhoods in Cape Town to raise a family have every type of amenity you could ask for – from wonderful scenery to good schools and fantastic restaurants. So waste not a minute longer – pack up for your family move to South Africa and have your pick of Cape Town’s best neighborhoods!

What can the best neighborhoods in Cape Town to raise a family offer? 

For starters, you will have more safety if you were to move to one of the areas we are about to mention. As to what they can offer you, that really depends on the neighborhood you choose. Some are placed within great school districts while others offer a posh life. Some are mostly comprised of locals while others are filled with expats that can provide you with the best possible help for your international move as they can give you valuable tips and pieces of advice. So without further ado, here comes a list of some of the best neighborhoods in Cape Town. Feel free to choose the one that seems to best suit your needs.

Sea Point

This once Jewish capital of Cape Town is located within the Atlantic Seaboard area and it is one of the best neighborhoods in Cape Town for families. The neighborhood is full of high rise flats and it has a good concentration of elderly people. But that’s one of the things that make this neighborhood so great – it’s much safer when compared to some other neighborhoods with a younger crowd.

You’ll notice that Sea Point also has a very attractive seafront. After all, the inspiration for its name had to come from somewhere. Be it morning or evening, you can notice people running and walking along the seafront, making for a beautiful sight. And this is something that won’t change any time soon. So whether you move to Cape Town this year or the next one, you can rely on the seafront as the place that gathers all types of people.

City Bowl

Located at the foot of Table Mountain, the City Bowl area is the perfect neighborhood if you want to be close to the heart of the city while still having your privacy. If you are moving here from western countries, this area might help you feel right at home. It’s loaded with facilities of all types, such as excellent hotels, different entertainment options, and great nightlife. But what’s most important for families, it also has some top-rated schools, such as St. Cyprian’s School.

With mesmerizing views of Table Mountain, City Bowl areas has some of the best neighborhoods in Cape Town to raise a family.

Some parts of this area overlook the entire city and these are the areas where you will be able to find Victorian houses with the aforementioned view. If you are moving for the first time, then you need to be aware of one very common moving mistake – expecting to find housing easily. The City Bowl area is a very desirable one, meaning it might take you some time to find a house for sale/rent that suits your budget and criteria.

False Bay

Have you gotten tired of the hectic lifestyle? If all you want from life is some peace and quiet then you can’t go wrong by choosing to move to False Bay. This area is one of the top choices if you are interested in being surrounded by other families. Places such as Muizenberg, Fish Hoek and Simonstown are great choices for people with families as they are like their own little villages with their own character.

The only downside to the False Bay area is that it’s not very close to the heart of the city. You can expect a longer commute to the city but if you get stuck in traffic, you can just spend your time whale and dolphin spotting as the road hugs the coast. You certainly won’t have anything against spending a portion of your day in this manner.

The beach houses in Muizenberg are one of its main attractions.

Table Bay

Do you often look at the photographs of Table Mountain and admire them? Then you should know that most of them were taken from Table Bay. This area isn’t close to the center of the city (as you can imagine) but it is served by MiCity buses nowadays. That has made traveling into the city easier and has opened up new horizons for people interested in moving to this area. But what truly makes Table Bay one of the best neighborhoods in Cape Town to raise a family is its surroundings.

Here you will be able to find wonderful beaches which are perfect for surfing and kite surfing. With beautiful beaches, many restaurants, great schools, and affordable properties, the neighborhoods of Table Bay are very popular with expats with families. If you are thinking about moving to the Table Bay area, it’s strongly advisable to look into Milnerton and Tableview. There is a reason why this coast is so popular with people inhabiting Cape Town and you will best be able to see that after giving this area an opportunity to amaze you.

The bottom line

In this article, you will be able to find four of the best neighborhoods in Cape Town to raise a family. But there might be a neighborhood out there that isn’t on our list but could suit your needs perfectly. That’s why it’s always best to do your own research! Of course, feel free to rely on our findings and check out these neighborhoods first and foremost. But if it turns out that they don’t check off all the boxes, feel free to expand your search.

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